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Shenzhen Longdian security products Co., Ltd is a comprehensive enterprise specializing in security, fire protection products R & D and application. Our company mainly explosion-proof, bulletproof, anti-theft, fire protection series and a series of products with comprehensive protection function. The main products include: series of anti-theft vault (M-C vault door, combination mobile vault, micro bank vault, two door, security door (communication machine door), rental, storage boxes, safe, gun cabinet); special door series (explosion-proof door, door, door plates, explosion venting door, explosion venting window, door, nuclear switches, cold storage doors, waterproof door, air tight door, electric sliding doors, electric shutter doors; the prison gate) (series of composite steel (super), inorganic waterproof shutter (double double curtain) super fire shutter, lateral steel fire shutter, steel pan fire shutter, shutter, stainless steel anti-theft grille shutter, industrial folding door, remote control garage door, electric smoke wall); fire series (steel (wood) quality fire doors, steel (wood) structure fireproof glass door, fireproof glass, fireproof glass window, Other types of doors (door locks, mechanical locks, electronic locks, file cabinets, file cabinets, library shelves, desk equipment) and other products.
Our company's products are strictly manufactured, sold and installed according to IS09001:2000 quality certification system, and after-sales service commitment is implemented. With advanced technology, professional R & D, production and modernization; quality first, people-oriented business management mode, Shenzhen Londian security products Co. Ltd.; in the development of science and technology change rapidly, we constantly committed to advanced technology research, development and innovation in public security products; from professional quality; based on our fundamental, quality, brand, grasping services and promoting development; is our business philosophy; excellence, world without end is our eternal purpose. Shenzhen Longdian security products limited company always committed to the community to provide excellent products and quality service.

Shenzhen Longdian security products Co. Ltd.

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