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Where is the difference between burglarproof door and fire door?

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The difference between the anti-theft door and fire door is the main function of the anti-theft door is tamper proof sealing performance is better, the general closed door without a key to open the door, the door filler is fireproof material. Security door must have "FAM" sign, and refer to the general technical conditions of anti-theft safety door GB17565-2007. Although the fire door is also made of steel, but the door is filled with fireproof material, the thickness of the door plate also has different requirements. Steel door is ordinary steel, it also has anti-theft function but the anti prizing performance is poor, the general Street factory is in this category.
Only Shanghai and Chengdu have fire protection anti-theft door local standards, other places can only be called "fire door", that is, to reach the national fire class A or class B fire door standards, (fire door core) class B standard is generally divided into Anti burning time. At the same time meet the anti prizing requirements in the following aspects:
The thickness of door frame is 1.5, and the thickness of steel plate on the door and back is 0.8
The lock has the function of prying proof, that is, the lock body has both the inclined lock tongue and the square lock tongue, which has the quick opening function, which is the best for the twist and twist type, but it is not allowed to install the lock.
Lock and cat eye should have fire detection report, class B fire door can be installed door collar, class a not allowed to install.
During the acceptance, the business must provide fire protection type approval certificate, fire prevention test report, metal entrance door test report. Fire detection report of lock and cat eye.
The door opening direction is fast evacuation direction, and cannot open inside.
Wooden insulated fire door
This standard specifies the product classification, specifications, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules, logo packaging, transportation and storage of wooden insulated fire doors. This standard is applicable to fireproof door made of wood or wood products as doorframe, door leaf frame and door leaf panel.
The difference between electronic fire door and common fire door:
Emergency and statistical functions, the system can automatically display the designated cardholder's physical location on the computer, so as to facilitate timely contact.
When the fire alarm occurs, the electronic fire door will be opened automatically, which is easy to escape, and the entrance and exit can also be automatically opened. When the illegal entry and exit occurs, it will automatically alarm;
National standard for wooden insulated fire doors
Wood fire door insulation refers to the use of wood or wood products for door frame, door frame, door panels, door filled with insulation materials or door with wood or wood products for frame, wooden doors, can also according to the needs of a composite fireproof glass and the top of the door leaf is installed on the door leaf is composed of a door frame and a composite fireproof glass light the window, and with fire hardware accessories which can meet the fire-resistant integrality and heat insulation door.
Wood fire door insulation according to the fire resistance limit is divided into class A, B, C three, the fire performance requirements were 90min, 60min and 30min, for the production of solid wood fire doors are wood drying and flame retardant treatment, the moisture content should not be greater than 12%. When the condition is limited, the moisture content in the manufacture should not be greater than the local equilibrium moisture content.
The hardware fittings used for wooden insulated fire door must be fire-resistant hardware fittings. The main hardware fittings are fireproof hinge (hinge), fireproof bolt, fireproof door lock, fireproof sequencer and fireproof door closer.
The fireproof performance of wood insulated fire doors should be checked in the fire resistance test. The wooden insulated fire doors should meet the requirements stipulated in the standards within the time required for their fire resistance.
There is no flame that burns more than 10s continuously on the back face;
When there are cracks, holes or other pores without flame on the back fire surface, combustible materials 20mm~30mm distance from these pores can not be ignited in 10s ~ 30s;
The sample cannot collapse.
Thermal insulation:
The average temperature rise of the temperature measuring point on the solid wood fire door is 140 degrees centigrade or the temperature rise of any temperature measurement point reaches 180 degrees centigrade, namely the loss of heat insulation is judged.
In the field of product consistency inspection, should check the following content:
1. Is the product appearance consistent with the standard requirements?;
2. Is the product identity consistent with the standard requirements?;
3. Is the product structure consistent with the test report?;
4. Is the material of the product consistent with the test report?;
5. Are the performance parameters of the product consistent with the test report?.
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