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What type of special door is it?

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Many people may have heard of special door, but may not really understand. Special door is actually refers to the use on special occasions or for a special purpose, filled with polyurethane materials by high pressure foaming, the main fire doors, sound insulation door, anti-theft door etc..
1, fire door
Wood fire door is used to burning wood or difficult burning wood products made the door frame and the door leaf frame and door panels, door if filling material is filled with insulation materials non-toxic and harmless to the human body, and with fire hardware fittings with certain refractory properties of the door. According to the performance of fire into the fire insulation door (Class A), part of the heat insulation fireproof door (B), non insulated fire doors (class C).
2, sound insulation door
Sound insulation materials and the door and the door closed, often adopts a multilayer composite structure is filled between the two layers of panels of sound-absorbing material (such as glass wool, mineral wool, glass fiber etc.).
3, anti-theft security door
Equipped with anti-theft lock, in a certain period of time can resist certain conditions of non normal open, has certain protective performance of safety and in accordance with the corresponding level of anti-theft security door. According to the anti damage duration, plate thickness and other indicators of anti-theft door anti-theft security products division level. The security level of anti-theft security door manufacturers is divided into four levels, a, B, C and D, which is the most advanced class, in descending order. Security doors should adopt the three direction lock tongue lock, the locking points between the door frame and the door leaf, according to the security level of a, B, C and D respectively shall be not less than 12, 10, 8, 6.
Applicable scope
Applicable to industrial and civil architecture independent or attached, closed doors and windows or outdoor transformer type open. Closed type transformer room is divided into high and low two, when low transformer can not meet the ventilation requirements, should use the high type transformer room.
Door size
Enclosed transformer room 2100, 2400 door wide, 2300 three; 2700, 3300, the high 3600 is three. Combined into six hole size.
Open the door wide transformer room 2100, 2400, 3000, three, the door height was 1800.
Material production and installation
1, steel plate and steel with the performance of not less than Q235-B steel, using E43 type electrode. Color steel plate assembled by bonding riveting or glue, can not be used in welding connection.
2, unless otherwise stated by the weld welding connection, is not no melting, without welding, blowhole, crack, weld defects such as burn.
The door frame allowed size error
1, frame length and width of each meter + 0.8mm + 2.0mm
2 per meter, diagonal frame + 1.0mm + 3.0mm
3 plane twisted framework, Alice is not greater than 3.0mm less than 2.0mm
4, the hardware on the door in the location should be accurate, in addition to the figure marked on the outside, the door hardware selection and welding procedure can be decided in the field.
In addition, 5 color plates, and other materials required for rust proof finishing paint processing.
6, before installation should check the geometry size of doors and windows, which do not exceed the allowable error.
7, the installation of door in vertical hole, adjusting each part to the required size, the door should be kept vertical. The upper and lower shaft hole of the initial spot on the door frame and the door for a stile, should ensure that the upper and lower shaft in the same vertical line, after repeated commissioning after passing the door firmly fixed in place, to be welded after plastering construction of door frame.
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