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Installation points of burglarproof door

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(1) the installation of burglarproof door should adopt the suitable installation method according to the type of burglarproof door adopted.
(2) security door frame can use expansion bolts fixed to the wall, also can be in when building a wall in the cave buried iron piece, the installation is connected with the door frame weld.
(3) no matter what kind of connection way the door frame and the wall are, each side should not be less than 3 anchor points, and should be firmly connected.
(4) when installing an anti-theft door, we should first find the straight, hanging the right, after the size of the appropriate, it will be temporarily fixed, and correction, adjustment, without error, can be connected to anchor.
(5) for sliding door mounting push pull flexible; door easy to open, closed tight and firm.
(6) the anti-theft device should be installed between the doorframe and the door leaf or other parts.
(7) the hardware fittings such as handles, door locks and observation holes must be complete; the password protection lock, electronic alarm password system, doorbell, pager and other devices must be effectively improved.
(8) the gap between the requirement and the ground plane should not be greater than 5mm.
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