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Explosion proof door

Explosion-proof door industrial building against accidental explosion outside the device, ensuring personnel safety and industrial equipments in buildings intact, without blast hazards; effectively prevent the continuation of explosion hazards. The special industrial steel plate is made according to the strict mechanical data, and the high performance hardware fittings are used. The utility model is more practical and beautiful. Ensuring the safety of life and property. Explosion proof door is also called: antiknock door.
1, in the case of explosion, according to the forecast set of explosion incident pressure and reflection force. The explosion proof door can resist the blasting pressure in this kind of range, and reach the necessary protection function, and prevent the casualty and property loss.
2, in the case of explosion, did not reach the preset explosive force, explosion-proof door still can be used normally.
3, when the explosion occurred after the explosion force reaches the pre-set deformation, but the component may be used to maintain the door, to avoid personnel trapped, trapped resistance.
4, the necessary airtight isolation function, to prevent the isolated space and the outside air convection directly, in order to reduce the partition, protected space by the outside pollution.
5, explosion-proof door is a safety device, with self closing function and emergency escape function. Shenzhen Longdian security production in accordance with the People's Republic of China national military standard strict manufacture, reliable quality,
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