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Soundproof door

Sound (sound) sound door explanation
Sound insulation (sound) door is designed according to the principle of acoustics, referring to the international standard. The door body is a double deck steel plate (or stainless steel or wood veneer) composite structure, filled with porous sound-absorbing materials, the door thickness is 60-120mm. The sound insulation performance of low frequency noise in 31.5 ~ 4000HZ is remarkable, and it has dual performance of fire protection.
Soundproof door door frame and the door leaf is made of cold rolled steel, the surface layer of thin steel plate (stainless steel or wood veneer), and the porous materials of fire as filling, to obtain high damping characteristics of acoustic coupling is small; the door installed around the double spigot (special elastic gasket or flame seal), completely eliminate leakage the sound hole "and" cracks ", all materials used in fireproof materials, fire door insulation surface can be installed wood, leather and other high-grade decorative materials and does not affect the sound insulation performance. Soundproof door size and sound insulation performance according to the grade requirements, installation space, sound insulation fireproof grade selected; fire door insulation temperature 300 to 950 DEG C, can withstand the aerodynamic load of 1000N/m2, open the life of not less than 120000 times, the sound insulation capacity of 35-60dB (A), the authority of the State Department can provide sound insulation and fire detection report.
Implementation standards: GB12955-2008 "fire door", "GB/T16730-1997 building door air sound insulation performance classification and detection method"

technical parameter
Model Sound insulation capacity dB (A) Door thickness(mm)
FGM-1000×2000 30-42 60-80
FGM-1500×2000 30-42 60-80
FGM-2000×2000 30-42 80-100
FGM-2500×3000 30-42 80-150
FGM-2500×3000 35-55 80-150
Note: 1, product separation volume, size, material can be designed according to user requirements; 2, sound insulation quantity 35dB (A) above, need professional design, special manufacture.
Applicable scope:
It is mainly used in radio, film, television and audio products, such as sound studio, recording room, audition room. Anechoic chamber, sound insulation room and audiometric room in acoustic test, Public buildings are theaters, concert halls, multifunctional halls, and conference rooms. High noise workshop control room, computer room and so on in industrial and mining enterprise building.
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