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Shenzhen Longdian security products Co. Ltd.

Shenzhen Longdian security products Co. Ltd. is a professional engaged in security, fire protection products research and development and application of the industry.
Our company mainly explosion-proof, bulletproof, anti-theft, fire protection series and a series of products with comprehensive protection function. The main products include: series of anti-theft vault (M-C vault door, combination mobile vault, micro bank vault, two door, security door (communication machine door), rental, storage boxes, safe, gun cabinet); special - Series (explosion-proof door, door, door plates, explosion venting door, explosion venting window, door, nuclear switches, cold storage doors, waterproof door, air tight door, electric sliding doors, electric shutter doors; the prison gate) (series of composite steel (super), inorganic waterproof shutter (double double curtain) super fire shutter, lateral fireproof rolling steel


Where is the difference between burglarproof door and fire door?

The difference between the anti-theft door and fire door is the main function of the anti-theft door is tamper ......

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